THE WORKING WARDROBE on Apr 16th, 2014

Designer Profile: Anni Kuan

With her newly launched e-commerce website, New York fashion designer Anni Kuan isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Down-to-earth and hard-working, this woman is driven by her passion and dedication to providing women with clothes that are dynamic, lasting, ethical and beautiful. Kuan opened the doors of her NYC showroom to me on behalf of TheWorkingWardrobe over the weekend where I got to experience firsthand the extraordinary fabrication and quality of her timeless yet livable and comfortable pieces.
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NEW YORK TIMES front page of Style section on December 2013

Chirlane McCray, the Wife of Bill de Blasio, Is a Fan of Anni Kuan

If Ms. Kuan is feeling on top of her game, she has reason. Among her fans is Chirlane McCray, New York City’s first-lady-to-be and, for the designer, a reliable muse. “When I’m looking at fabrics or at shapes, I think, ‘Oh, would that look good on Chirlane?’ ” she said. “If I can focus on her, it helps me gather my thoughts.”

Lately that process has picked up steam. “For the inauguration, we have a week and a half to fit some dresses and a coat for her,” Ms. Kuan recalled, her words tumbling out in a giddy cascade. “It is a big deal for us.”
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NYM The Cut on Nov 6th, 2013

Meet Anni Kuan, the Woman Behind Chirlane McCray

A little after 11 p.m. on Tuesday, I sat on speakerphone with Anni Kuan, the woman who designed both of Chirlane McCray’s choices for Election Night — one dress deep red, the other royal purple. Kuan and I both had our eyes glued to our laptops, watching the live stream on Bill de Blasio’s website. McCray, New York’s new First Lady, would reveal her choice at any moment. Suddenly, Kuan was shouting. “Oh my god! Oh, that was my top choice! Oh, I’m so glad, oh my god!”
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WSJ Metroplis on Nov 5th, 2013

De Blasio’s Wife Chooses New York Designer for Dress

Chirlane McCray, Bill de Blasio’s wife, wore a dress designed by New York City fashion designer Anni Kuan on election night, Ms. Kuan said. Ms. McCray discovered the designer while shopping at Park Slope boutique Otto.

“I asked Chirlane, ‘Do you know what you’ll be wearing on election night?’” Ms. Kuan said in an interview. “She said she’s too busy to think about it, and she’ll wear something from her closet. So I said, ‘We’ll meet, and I’ll make a dress for you.’”
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Voices of New York

First Lady in Red and the Designer Responsible

Clad in a sleeveless red dress, Chirlane McCray introduced her husband, Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio, to the hundreds of guests at his victory party on election night.

With the red complementing her skin tone, plus the broad smile on her face, she looked just stunning. Part of the credit has to go to Anni Kuan, a Chinese fashion designer who designed the dress for the future First Lady of the city.

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Tonner Doll Blog

Fashion Week Blog – Interview with Anni Kuan

When Anni Kuan was a little girl in Taiwan, the only dolls she had to play with were paper dolls – which she would draw herself and draw clothes for. She told me, “When I would draw the paper dolls, I remember having a line of girls waiting for me to draw one for them too.” She was around 8 years old at the time. She moved to the US when she was 12 and continued her love of drawing.

Anni first thought of attending an art school when her high school teachers recommended it after watching her talent develop. She attended Pratt Institute for Art & Design with the help of scholarships and loans. She has had her own design company since 1986.
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