Winter Wonderland Season

This winter wonderland season 2018 is packed with darks that contrast with gorgeous pastels and magical glitters.
A new brown has emerged and excited us. Mixed with bronze, fused with textures, it’s the NEW brown on the block. The vegan suede and leather continues to play hard, along with faux fur and python prints that grace the land.
Check out the mini document below on the newest photo session.


M&H Akira’s make up table, she is the girl with the magic wand.


Patricia putting up the suggested poses from previous shoots., the studio runs smoothly with her help.


Katrina posting the looks to be shot, she is an amazing assistant stylist…


Don’t like static, static don’t like us….


Keep hydrated.


The FW2018/19 collection line up.


Devin the stylist and I adjusting the dress on Major model Chelsea Hise.


Akira is a perfectionist (and she designs killer seductive lingerie).


Starting to shoot with look one.


Between shots, one can make goo goo eyes…


Twining moment not to be missed…


The A-Team strikes again!!!   Wrap up group shot, may I introduce to you, our super talented photographer Elisabeth Smolarz (top left).


Campaign shot for the home screen.  Look again, its actually GOOD FOR YOUR EYES!!!